Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 1 Results

OK, actually it's not quite a full week yet, but my plan is to do my weigh-in on Sunday afternoons each week. This makes this first week a little bit shorter than every other week to follow. Also my stated plan is to update measurements and pictures on a monthly basis. Hopefully within no time at all the difference will start to show soon enough in photographs, and inches.

So how am I doing this first week? Well even with the holiday I lost significant weight my new weight is 272.5 down from 280. The loss makes this a first week loss of 7.5 Lbs Woo Hoo! That is a newborn child that I am no longer carrying around attached to my belly. Or at least an fat alien like those from the so named Ridley Scott film. This is real progress, Yes.

Progress means change in so many ways and for me to maintain an 8 pound a month weight loss I will need to reduce my caloric intake slightly to adjust for the loss. My new intake will be 1768 this week. Other than that I am not making any adjustments just yet. However, if my weight loss doesn't seem to level off over the next few weeks I will probably adjust my calories upwards to account for my exercise and so that My weight loss is maintained closer to a more healthy 2 lbs a week, I will see in a couple of weeks if this is necessary.

Food wise yesterday I did much better calorically speaking. I ate 1742 calories yesterday. However nutrition spread was way way off I don't know how that happened, I thought I was eating healthfully but, I guess not. My spread was 47/24/29 fat/protein/carbs. I just looked at my log  "ham", oh damn "ham", I had ham. I guess it is just too much calories from fat, I will have to eat it much more sparingly in the future to avoid skewing my food balance. I want to be healthy not "skinny fat". Wish me luck. Week 2 here I come.


  1. wow! Well done! I can't wait to hear about week 2.

  2. NICE! that photo freaked me

  3. Wow Todd, that is a crazy good start! Keep it up, my friend!

  4. Off to a great start! You are going to crush this!


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