Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still Moving C25K W2 Day (?)

OK. I am not superman. I have a cold, and I have to move. So I put my Tuesday run on hold. I know that I am still burning calories by moving stuff but this sucks, as I really still wanted to get a work out. Melody and I are still packing my stuff and should be done by this Wednesday night so I am still on for my normal Thursday run. I hope to make up my missed run on either Sunday or Monday of this next week, that will get me back on track for the 9 weeks C25K.

Pad King
Last night neither of us were feeling up to cooking so Melody and I decided to go out to eat, both of my nemeses Mexican food and Five Guys did come up in the discussion. We settled on Thai were I knew that I could get something healthy.

At a Thai restaurant normally I would get green curry, but I know that it is made with coconut milk and is to rich for me right now.  My eyes went over to the stir fry section and I had a beef and vegetable stir fry with Ginger Pad King and some rice actually it was quite good and thankfully was not swimming in grease. Melody had Massaman Curry.  I only ate 1/2 of my entree a little bit over 1 cup the rest went into a to go container for lunch. Melody only ate 1/4 of her entree so she is also doing pretty good.

Even with going out yesterday I still consumed less calories than I needed to but was much closer. I ate 1744 calories with a nutrition spread 25/24/51 fat/protein/carbs. I'm sure my sodium intake from the Thai food is through the roof but that should be OK as I don't weigh in until Sunday.

Tonight is the my last night of moving and I will be glad to be done with that.


  1. The most important think when you are sick, is to heal. Once you're on the mend you can get right back into exercising! I know it sucks, but it's important :)


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