Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Chance Workout

OK admittedly I am a Biggest Loser fan I've posted about it before. I try to DVR each week so that I can watch it all without the commercials (Is there any show with as many commercials?). I love watching the successes and failures of the contestants it's a really fun show to watch. But recently, now that I am on my own journey of fitness I am watching this show with a different eye.

I 've noticed there are several consistencies during the show the contestants eat well, exercise, and weigh in at the end of each week. But there is one part of the show that has always intrigued me the "Last Chance Workout". The reason I'm so intrigued is I wonder it really possible to drop weight during a single workout?  I guess furiously exercising before a weigh in seems like it might help drop as much as a couple of pounds to my logic. Yes I know that a lot of that is water weight, but an intense workout does burn the calories so presumably it is possible to drop.

This week I did cheat a bit in the food area especially with that pork centric meal midweek.  But for the most part, I have eaten pretty healthy, or so I thought. I jumped the gun a bit and did a (pre) weigh in yesterday and it looks like I've gained a pound. My muscles have been sore and I know that it is possible I am retaining some water there. UGH! This is not where I want to be or to end this week. I am going to attempt my own version sometime tomorrow of a "Last Chance Workout". I am not sure what I am going to do but I will figure it out. With any luck and a lot of sweat perhaps I can walk off a pound and a half and still have a loss for the week.


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  1. But also like biggest loser, I sometimes take some solace in the fact that a mis-timed scale weighin that appears higher than I'd like will make for a bigger subsequent loss on future weigh-ins.

    When they sneer that a contestant on BL threw a week's weigh in because they had immunity so they could guarantee a big loss in the next week, comes to mind in this case. Though, I do wonder how true/effective that really is. Its not like you have a total choice in what your body retains that can be easily shed, unless they are avoiding bathroom trips which actually can be damaging to the system.

    Who long as you are doing what you should, the scale will reflect it even if it isn't going to according to the weigh in schedule. That is why I do weigh myself most days regardless.


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