Thursday, January 26, 2012

How I Eat

I need a kick in the butt sometimes and I think I've found it. I was visiting  Dr. Fat to Fit blog earlier today. She has decided to take on a challenge. I think it sounds like so much fun so I will do it too. Allen's challenge is to post 2X daily as a no nonsense way to keep things in check. Check!

So this is entry one for the day about what a typical day of good solid healthy eating looks like for me.

Today breakfast consisted of 1 cup of Raisin Bran 1/2 cup of skim milk black coffee and a cup of grape juice. My mid morning snack was an orange and a reduced fat mozzarella cheese stick. My lunch was some carrot sticks two slices of whole wheat bread and a can of tuna. My afternoon snack today is a banana. For dinner I will most likely have a grilled chicken breast, salad with regular Italian style dressing, and some brown rice.

Normally my breakfast consists of a few options. Cereal of any type is a good for me with skim milk. If I have a little bit more time I'll make a simple breakfast sandwich of an egg fried in nonstick spray, cheese, and toast. Occasionally if I'm tired of cold cereal I will make oatmeal with skim milk and drizzle some peanut butter in it for extra protein. On Saturdays when I am being "good". I may have an omelet with veggies and reduced fat cheese. If I think about it sometimes I take a few yolks out of the omelet if I want to use meat or whole milk cheese.

When It comes to snacks I say YES. Diet experts used to say NO! but have since backpedaled a bit on that. The truth is if you are not snacking you are at risk of binging. Snacks have the added benefit of  maintaining glucose levels and supporting healthy metabolic function. They keep me from gorging on junk and to spare me the cravings that come from being ravenously hungry. I almost always combine carbohydrate and protein. The reason I do this is that I've learned long ago that when combined the two complement each other to keep you fuller longer. Some good choices are: veggies and hummus, Pretzels with a small amount of peanut butter, a hard boiled egg and some crackers, a banana, low fat string cheese and fruit, plain yogurt and mixed in fruit, some crackers and cheese.

For me to be successful on lunch I must pack one. If I get to the fast food counter I buy junk that I did not intend at least 75% of the time. A good Lunch for me is one that I brought from home, if I make it I will eat it. My best choices are: a sandwich made with lean lunch meat whole wheat bread and mustard with a piece of fruit, a cup of soup some crackers and fruit, a single serving of leftover whatever and a piece of fruit. See the trend... a piece of fruit. Why? Fruit has fiber, water, and will help keep you full. Even the government gets it the USDA recommends 5-6 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Doh!

Dinner can be a challenge. Part of the difficulty is being able to plan healthy satisfying meals that will not only be good for me but will keep others in the household happy. I find success most when I save a few hundred extra calories for dinner. I have a bit more wiggle room to figure out what is going to work. Some meals I've found that work are: soups or stews with bread and salad, grilled chicken rice and salad, chicken and veggie stir fry with brown rice, pasta with marinara and chicken sausage and a salad or veggie, Fajitas. I find giving the non dieters the option of adding more food if they like but still being a nutritionally sound choice for me is best.

Some non written rules I almost always follow or at least try. I eat whole grains whenever possible (whole grain pasta, bread, crackers etc.). I try to take a multivitamin, I'm reducing my calories and I don't want to be deficient on my nutrients. I eat full fat dressing, peanut butter, and use olive oil in my cooking. Why? A little fat in the diet is absolutely necessary for good nutrition. Generally I try to maintain my total fat to  not more than 20% of my overall caloric intake. I avoid anything labeled diet because there are too many chemicals or tricky labeling i.e. way more sugar etc. I generally take no caloric beverages soda, punch, sweetener, they are just empty calories that leave me with an empty belly.

Well that is it for me this is how I will be eating for the foreseeable future. What tricks keep you on the road to success? How does your diet differ?



  1. Snacking is great if it is planned and tracked. Snacking mindlessly is bad.. But you know that! I'm just against the whole "NO SNACKING" idea that goes around. :)

    1. Yeah I've heard some crazy diet ideas lately. No carb low carb, no fat, high fat no snacks, 10 + small snack.... who knows. N I do know this. That calories in calories out is sound diet science. I always track it.

  2. Looks like you've got a winning approach to your food choices.

    I bring a banana with me to eat with breakfast, but I usually find that the cereal is sufficient and the banana works as a snack later in the day.

    I eat when my body tells me to, not because it is on some sort of plan to eat certain things for meals, snacks, etc.

    Also...I like, no love, Quinoa as my go-to grain choice even over brown rice. I'm also learning to enjoy barley and will try out some buckwheat as well.

    I'm still pasta free since 1/2 at least and will continue to focus on the most healthful grains intake I can.

  3. I am very similar to you in the way I go about my eating. I eat 5-6 times a day and sort of have a list of different options for my meals and snacks. It is what works best for me. A breakfast (or sometimes lunch) that has been great and low cal is an egg white omelet with sauteed veggies and 1/4 c of feta cheese. Because I am home all day and work from home, I don't have to pack a lunch.

    A snack that I LOVE and I find filling is is hard boiled egg whites, pop out the yolk, and put hummus in the egg whites. It's like deviled eggs! :)

    One thing I personally try to avoid is the rice and that is because I tend to go overboard with it. A "serving" just does not cut it for me.

    As far as dinnertime in my home, well, I believe you read on my blog how THAT goes. I was thinking this afternoon of really brainstorming and "healthifying" some of my recipes. They are 8 and 10 now. They can learn to deal.


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