Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Off the Couch

Remember that movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray about a weather forecaster who keeps repeating his day over and over again. Today feels like that for me. After moving, sickness, and Storm I feel like I've faced every kind of setback to running possible. Today I am finally getting to restart everything over again. I'm dejavu on my Couch to 5K (C25K) with week 1 day 1 haven't I done that before. Every thing is in place, the ice has melted, the birds are chirping (well not really as it is windy and stormy today) I am ready to go. My App is reset and I am fired up.

Last night I ate pizza, I know not diet friendly, but I wanted it so I had it. Today all food choices have been just fine and I am still on track to loose weight for this week so all is OK . One of my fellow bloggers Kyle Gershman wrote a funny piece on Running Grief it's so timely for me I had to share it thanks Kyle. Today I fall in the "acceptance" category and I'm ready to go.

Aww Cute
The Tortoise and the Hare - Aesop
The Hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals. "I have never yet been beaten," said he, "when I put forth my full speed. I challenge any one here to race with me."
     The Tortoise said quietly, "I accept your challenge."
     "That is a good joke," said the Hare; "I could dance round you all the way."
     "Keep your boasting till you've won," answered the Tortoise. "Shall we race?"
     So a course was fixed and a start was made. The Hare darted almost out of sight at once, but soon stopped and, to show his contempt for the Tortoise, lay down to have a nap. The Tortoise plodded on and plodded on, and when the Hare awoke from his nap, he saw the Tortoise just near the winning-post and could not run up in time to save the race.
     Then the Tortoise said: "Slow but steady progress wins the race."


  1. Aww gee...flattery will get you everywhere with me!

    Keep on plodding!

  2. Flattery works with me too :p hehehe


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