Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food Glorious Food

If you've tried posting to my comments sorry. I'm not sure if the folks that run Blogger have their heads screwed on right implementing changes that have not been thoroughly tested seems less than smart. Aside from all of the problems I've been having with Blogger today I have been doing well with food and eating.

Yesterday was however a different story. Melody and I went out on a date night to a little French Bistro (The Crooked House Bistro) not smart... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SAVE ME BUTTER EVERYWHERE. I ate some overly rich food lamb chops, risotto in butter, and wine. Oh and I had desert yes creme brule.  I had a great time but feel really regretful about it today. Bad boy. No excuses just bad eating.

Today I am doing much better and am eating more sanely and sensibly.  Here is hoping I can look at my challenges and face them head on instead of giving in. "Butter you don't control me anymore!"


  1. When you choose to indulge, and it is perfectly okay for that to happen, then do it without regret and enjoy every bite and taste to the fullest! That also means that if you order it and you don't really and truly love it, send it back or eat a sensible portion and push it away.

    You should only regret an indulgence if you didn't, in your heart, see it as a choice...and it should always be a choice.

  2. Don't regret it! Enjoy it, and then move on! We need those night too you know, our entire lives won't go without another creme brulee :)


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