Monday, January 16, 2012


I have been silent on my blog for a few days. My silence is not because I have fallen off the face of the planet or because I have been abducted by aliens. I am not sure why but I just have not been feeling into this "healthy new way of life". My heart is jut not 100% in it this week. I want to be! I find my self eating good for part of the day and then completely tanking it on a single meal or snack by eating junk. I've been cheating a little bit here and there everyday throughout the week. I know that need to be "on" all the time but have not been as motivated as I started out to be in December. I've been so discouraged by sickness and exhaustion and uncontrollable setbacks I feel held back.

Saturday Melody and I took engagement photos the whole process was a lot of fun. Our photographer has a good sense of humor and put up with a lot of our shenanigans and my cornball use of the word "Anchovies" as an ice breaker. That night Melody and I made dinner as our photographer snapped photos it was a hilarious diversion from the normal way we cook. I felt like awkward like I was posing or something. Unfortunately when Melody was pouring some water out of a pot she scalded her hand, poor baby. I felt so bad. She thought she had hurt herself terribly but was actually just a light burn. Her step dad being a doctor looked at it right away and it was not that bad. But there were a few tense moments it sure was nice having a doctor in the house .

Yesterday I finally pressed rewind. I resolved to get everything back to where I want it to be, the calories, the exercise, and  the nutrition. With the last of the cold behind me, yes I was sick for the better part of 2 weeks and still am occasionally coughing up phlegm (ewww gross), and my fridge stocked with reasonably healthy food,  and Couch to 5 K App reset to day One I was ready to go (my gawd was that a run on sentience or what?). My plan was to take my first run on Sunday, then it hit a freak snow and ice storm, out of nowhere.

Ouch! @#$%^
 In this process of getting better I feel like I am having a lot of setbacks..... I decided not to run in the ice but, I was tempted. I was thinking about running this afternoon but I've since changed my mind. When I got to work one of my coworkers slipped and fell on the ice in the parking lot and bumped her head against the concrete so she is off to the emergency room. I can only imagine how the force of running might have made a fall like that life threatening. So no running until the ice is gone. With snow and ice scheduled through this week I may not be able to run until Wednesday and the forecasters are predicting freezing rain this next weekend. I am getting so very upset with these setbacks! I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

My weight went up this last week to 270 I shouldn't be surprised. I would like to be successful this week. On Sunday I ate 1776 calories which includes two cocktails. As I type this the snow has begun to fall again. Here is to a more successful week.

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