Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crazy Weather

OK this winter has had some weird weather but now it is getting downright dangerous. Normally we would have some wetness with a few cold days and possibly a skiff of snow. But this is ridiculous what has been going on lately

In December our normal lows are around 40. We had some unseasonably cold temperatures and it hovered into the 20's for several weeks. In January we've been dumped on with snow with several inches of the white stuff falling just this week. Now that the snow has melted we have a new problem. It has rained several inches over the last 24 hours and we have some major flooding.

On my way to work the sewers were overflowing into the street eww. I had to drive around storm drains that were going in reverse. Renee one of my coworkers has a normal 1/2 drive to work but because of the flooded roads she had to re-route several times and her commute took her more than 2 hours. She said there is road flooding, downed trees, and mudslides everywhere. My coworker who fell on Monday is still out she has a major concussion and has been on bed rest all week.

The red cross is asking for volunteers and has began to set up shelters for those who are displaced by the water. I just heard our local school district have asked parents to come and pick up their kids early so that everyone can get to their homes safely. Weather forcasters are predicitng major rain over the next 10 days please keep the Pacific Nortwest in your prayers.  


  1. Wow...I wasn't aware that this was going on. Please stay safe!

  2. The weather has been crazy here in Texas but in a good way. It was about 70 today.I'm really sorry that is going on up there. Scary. Yes--be safe!

  3. Oh no, I really hope it normalizes fast!! Stay safe!


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