Friday, January 27, 2012

Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 2 - C25K W1D2 Revenge of the Runners

This week I feel as if I am taking it back lost ground. What does it take to make me a runner? I really already know the answer, it's continued progress day by day. Yesterday was was one of those days where everything just clicked and fell into place real progress.

If you are new to my blog welcome. For those that missed yesterdays post I am on a schedule of daily blogging at least 2 times as part of my personal accountability structure. Yes it  may get old but I reserve the right just to post a photo. So I actually believe that it will be a fun way of keeping this roller coaster ride on track.

So yesterday I ate very "cleanly" all day. I did not have the grilled chicken as I had planned but did have a great dinner. I had a garden salad, broccoli soup, and some cheese and crackers. It was really good soup, I forgot that I really do like broccoli soup. When did that happen? I hated it as a child. Oh no I am becoming my parents Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh well there are worse things both of my parents are lovely people.

Yesterday I ate 1834 calories with  a nutrition spread of  25/22/53 Fat/Protein/Carbohydrates. Damn I should not have eaten that 100 calorie peanut cluster thingy, It was so not worth it. Oh well I was still overall pretty close overall  to where I want to be so I am not going to cry over it.

Wednesday both Melody and I were feeling kind of sore so we held off the running for one day. So yesterday Thursday was the next day of the Couch to 5K. This is week one day 2. The Scheduled run was 5 minutes warm up followed by intervals of 1 minute running followed by 90 second walking for 20 minutes and then a 5 minute cool down.

We pulled up to the school in my car it was cold 38 degrees but we were dressed warmly and were ready to go. Melody and I got our phones out apps ready to go and started off. I knew as soon as my foot hit the bark that I was stronger. On Monday I had gotten quite winded and was nursing a side stitch for the latter half of the run although it really was not as bad as my first day of running back before the move sickness etc. On this run though I was able to power through each of the segments without too much problem. I did encounter one problem. I forgot to reset my app and it thinks I should be doing week 2 day 1 still. I did not notice until melody stopped running and I kept going. I thought why did she stop. then I look at my phone an it says run 86 seconds oops! I did not even notice that I had run so long. It took me a few moments to get things reset to the proper day but I was able to get there without too much problem.

I enjoyed each of the segments and mentioned to melody "I could enjoy running for the rest of my life if it feels this good". As I rounded the track  the last time my Ipod started playing "These Foolish Things" by Nat King Cole. I thought to myself running may seem foolish to the uninitiated but when you get your mind into it you really start to understand how good it really is.



  1. You keep this up and you'll have to rename your blog from Moving Mountains to Moving Molehills.

    Well done, runner!

  2. I think you are doing so well Todd! KEep it up!

  3. This is awesome! I think it's wonderful that you two do this together. I've been thinking of trying the C25K program. Before the crappy weather started (we've had a GREAT winter so far in NH), I had started to try running and was running intervals, but don't think I got to a full minute at a time. Sigh. We are thinking of getting a treadmill for the house. Keep it up!

  4. Keep going. You're doing great! more peanut clusters, K?

  5. This is a great program. I did it with a friend last summer. The key is definitely consistency. Keep at it!!


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