Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

This post is not about diet exercise fitness or guilt it is about my dinner. Last night Melody and I had one of the coolest singular dining experiences I've ever had. We went to a supper club (underground restaurant or pop up restaurant). For those unfamiliar with the concept a supper club is in effect a restaurant in a weird place, many of them take place as a paying dinner party. This one in particular is run monthly at The Raffins house by Nate Rafn and his wife Rochelle. Nate is a talented chief and the food was great! Melody used to work with Rochelle and it was nice to meet her.

Dinner at the Rafn's features many local and regional farmers and producers. The farm to table menu offers a varied rotation of many awesome seasonal items. I knew going in this would not be diet friendly. Last nights menu did not disappoint. The featured ingredient was this guy.

Red Waddle Pig
That's right Pork, Pork, Pork, and more Pork! More specifically the heritage breed known at the "Red Waddle Pig" this critically endangered American livestock breed known for the red coloration of its fur was tender and delicious. The historic breed was rediscovered in Texas in the 1970's and have since been preserved and raised on several farms throughout the US.

Each course of the four course meal featured in some way this yummy porker. For starters it was a pork pate and mustard green salad with bacon.This was followed by a buttercup soup made with pork stock. The main entree was a pork ragout and the meal was finished with a brownie made in part with pork lard.

The pork pate was both creamy and savory at the same time. Melody commented that it was not too livery (is that a real word?). Melody is not a pate fan even though I adore the stuff I finished off hers too. The salad had a nice piquant bite and the pork fat from the bacon cut through this nicely. The soup a buttercup squash was one of the highlights of the evening. I've never eaten buttercup squash before and will be seeking this out at the market. The main was a delicious stewed pork in a delicate pasta yummy and filling with a nice Italian touch to the seasonings. In the dessert The presence of pork fat revealed itself to me in the brownie even though melody could not detect it. The brownie was accompanied by an espresso mousse and candied walnuts the whole concoction was yumo and was a super finish to a great meal. Along with the meal we were serenaded by some music from Rochelle and their roommate.

Today I feel like a true locavore (at least for a day). What's next for me veaganism? One word, bacon!


  1. least you celebrated that pig in the best way it could be.

    Every indulgence should be did it up right!

    1. Yeah but today back to good solid healthy food. I don't forsee any food like this for a while.

  2. Sounds like quite the experience! I love the concept :)


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