Friday, December 23, 2011

The Turning Point

Welcome to my own blog. Why does this feel more like a confessional than the beginning of a Journey? OK here goes. I've reached a turning point. It may have taken me a long time to get there but it is a point nonetheless and it is something I can hold onto since I've finally reached it...

Rewind to August, my church does an annual camp out. It's just a time for families to get together and go swimming on the lake play volleyball sit and read a book etc.. Normally I would just loaf around in the lodge and play bored games but something in me clicked this year. It wasn't so much conscious effort as it was a random firing of dormant synapses a gut instinct telling me get up and get moving. Normally I would assume this to be indigestion perhaps bad shrimp, but something inside me said get out and participate.

I exited the lodge rubbing my eyes like Gollum exiting the cave for the first time in years. Hissing at the light I looked around for the first hint of activity to attack "I'll play volleyball" I told my self.  After only about 20 min of that I left exhausted and worn out, it was just too much for my out-of-shape frame.

"Perhaps" methinks, "I am just more suited to water sports" after all walruses are designed for water. Right?  Water skiing doesn't seem to me to be that difficult an activity. It's probably not if you don't weigh near 300 lbs and have upper body strength greater than that of a 15 year old girl. After an hour of being force fed lake water I deiced enough was enough and called it quits. Needless to say that was a fun day.

All things aside camp was fun but something happened this year, something profound. I realized for the first time in my "adult life" that my activities are physically limited by my own addiction to food and the size of my own waistline. I realize this may be a mountain but I am ready to move it. I've spent the last several months pondering what to do about my new found realization and I know that some massive changes to both my diet and exercise routine will be needed if I am to be successful. I am ready to start this journey into better health, fitness, and strength.

Let's just call it my size extra extra large Christmas present to me.

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