Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Last Meals

I recently heard that the state of Texas has decided to stop honoring fancy last meal requests for death row inmates. Why? Well is it is no small comfort knowing that the last meal for convicts is one final pleasure before they go off to meet their maker. I have in some respects felt like a death row inmate over the last 24 hours. Knowing that I will forever be changing the way I live my life in just a couple of days is very intimidating.

Tomorrow being Christmas I've decided that perhaps it would not be wise to begin this change until after this major holiday so I am officially starting on Monday 12/26/2011. Knowing the ultimate day of the end of the old is approaching I find myself enjoying some of the last gasps of my gluttony. These last free meals have gone down with reckless abandon.

Last night I ate at one of my favorite burger joints 5 guys. I know, I know A bacon cheeseburger is one way to go out. But to make it even more "healthy" I paired it with an order of their french fries as well. Men's Health has rated Five Guys' french fries as one of the most unhealthy food items in America and at almost 1,500 calories for a large order I can see why. I don't think I will be eating here very often after Monday as none of their menu items could even remotely pass as healthy food.

Today I went out for chicken fried steak and eggs with my fiance. With tomorrow being Christmas I know that breakfast with bacon and 2, yes 2 separate prime rib dinners will just about clinch this weekend as one of the most unhealthfully delicious gastronomic enterprises I've ever undertaken. Here's to hoping my size 42 jeans will still fit on Monday. That is if I make it to Monday.

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