Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Not That Guy

I've been asked If I was going out for lunch several times already today and a couple of times yesterday. I just need to get some things off my chest.
  • I've just realized that I was that guy in the office that always went out for lunch and and could always be counted on to deliver some high calorie food if you needed some.
  • I've been the funny fat guy, in groups of fit people.
  • I've made lame excuses for sitting on my butt.
  • I've amassed a large collection of shirts and pants to span a wide range of sizes and my ever increasing waist.
  1. I will not be that guy any more. I bring my healthy lunch to work now, and if I go out I will make good choices. This is my temple and I wont feed it junk any longer. 
  2. I may still be funny but I will be fit and will join with you in your active life.
  3. No more excuses, never.. I got here one mouthful, one lazy afternoon at a time. It is mine I own it.
  4. I will not buy one more XXLarge shirt or size 42 pant.  The rescue me clothes will be out the door no safety net for "if" I fall off the wagon.


  1. Two years ago I threw away all those "fat clothes" you are talking about. Since I have recently put on about 20 lbs. from the 70 that I lost I have nothing that fits comfortably right now thanks to getting rid of the safety net! It has played a huge role in getting me to snap out of it and get back on track. You are making some great realizations that are going to lead to real and lasting change. :0)

  2. I agree with Keelie, you've made some good realizations that will help you so much on this journey! Good for you Todd!

  3. Todd, you have a great site going here. I can really relate to the whole office eating out thing, and it's been a difficult habit for me to break, although I now make much better choices when eating out at lunch and eat out much less often other times. Best wishes on the site and your weight loss efforts - keep it up!


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