Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Facts

Christmas was great! Although prime rib twice in one day is pretty intense and probably makes me certifiable. Between the food today and over the last couple of weeks of holidays I've gained a few pounds. Actually I am only two pounds from my highest weight ever which was 282 so not much to celebrate. But I am a different person starting now so this has got to stop.

OK that said, loosing weight and getting fit is not rocket science but that does not make it easy. I know that I have a lot of hard work ahead of me to get this accomplished. After looking at many books and spending countless hours trying to figure out this "getting healthy" thing. I think I've figured out the hidden secret to weight loss. It is what many exercise specialists and nutritionists have been preaching for years "Eat Less, Move More".  So my strategy will consist of these two components. A new food plan and an exercise plan, I know genius. See and I did not have to pay anybody to give me analysis or consultation.

Tomorrow I will begin  for better or worse by making changes with my food plan. Initially I plan on reducing my caloric intake to about 1800 cal with percentages 20/20/60  Protein, Fat,Carbohydrates. Initially to accomplish this I will be logging the food  I eat and calculating everything at After I get the hang my new way of eating I will most likely lay off of the journal as it should start to become more natural anyhow. With the reduction of calories this should bring me to about an 8 pound a month weight loss. Some adjustment of calories will probably be necessary to maintain this loss or to slow to this loss if my exercise routine speeds up the loss too rapidly.

For exercise initially I will be doing some running on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. I found this app for my I phone called C25K from that starts off with walking gradually increasing your running over 9 weeks until you are able to run for 30 min straight (approximately a 5K). This should be fun and hard at the same time as I am currently so out of shape. The thought that I am just 9 weeks away from being able to run for a 1/2 hour is incredible.

Wow I'm Fat Ugh!

So lets look at my numbers before I start as I want to be completely upfront about my starting point.

My current weight is a high 280
My chest is 49"
My waist is 44"
My Hips 47"
My Thigh is 29"
My BMI is 36

A BMI between 30 and 40 is classified as obesity. And The healthy weight range for my height is between 144.1 lbs and 194.7 lbs so I'm 85.3 lbs overweight  and that is just to reach the top of my weight range. With 2 lbs a week weight loss I should start to hit the normal range on 10/18/2012 so I am obviously in this for the long hawl. I'll try and keep you updated in my blog posts on the weight at least weekly and the measurements at least monthly.
Wish me luck I'm diving in.

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