Friday, December 30, 2011

C25K - W1 Day 2 Running Alone

Last night was full of activity. I do some volunteer work downtown so that occupied my time until just after 6pm. For my dinner I had to stop by the store for tortillas.  Why is Safeway so darned expensive? Their soul sucking prices drive me insane. I feel like I'm handing over a kidney every time I shop there. By the time I started cooking dinner it was about  7. M came over and we had some chicken and rice.  I will be moving over the weekend so after dinner I also made some plans for the move.

The sniffles that my fiance had yesterday did develop into a full blown cold.  So M was not feeling up to running we just sat on the couch talked and enjoyed the evening together it was nice and relaxing. I hope M is feeling better soon I feel so bad for her. She said that she will try to make up a workout on Sunday I pray that she is feeling up to it.

At about 9 after M said goodbye I finally got on my running gear. The weather was not cooperating and as usual it was pouring down rain, again. I headed out the door in the direction of the small school track where I do my runs dodging puddles along the way. After the side stitches of my last run I was really afraid that it might happen again this time. I thought about easing off this time during the running segments to avoid the pain. But when the first run interval hit I decided against taking it easy and hit each run interval strong. I was tired but kept this up all the way through. Yes, the run did kick my but I got a good workout. No side stitches this time so this is progress. I did not expect to see any improvement over the last run. But in my eyes I felt stronger and this is real measurable progress to me. I went home and got out of my wet clothes and soggy sneakers as I don't want to catch a cold.

Food Wise I did OK at 1899 calories, 90 calories over goal my spread was 19/22/59 fat/protein/carbs. Today I enjoyed chicken fajitas with a glass of red wine. I did not know that could be diet food, cool. I started taking Emergen-C last night to hopefully ward off the cold.


  1. Congrats on your run...especially in foul weather! I'm very impressed. I'm a C25K grad and am a big fan of the program...Happy New Year!

  2. Good job on the workout! Feeling stronger counts for sure, it's not just about the time/speed/distance - but about that good feeling you get. :)


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